We may consider accepting participants as young as 13 but they must train with a parent 


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"So that one may walk in peace" - Imi Lichtenfeld (Father & Founder of Krav Maga)

Krav maga (contact combat) is an Israeli self-defence system and is widely used in the civilian, military, law enforcement and security sector.  We teach Civilian Krav Maga and if you want to learn self-defence, develop resilience and improve your confidence, then give our classes a try.  We foster a family-friendly and inclusive culture.  Egotistical behaviour is discouraged at our class and we like people who train sensibly.  We train as a mixed group and beginners are welcome to try our classes .   

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Filipino Community Centre - 92 - 94 Cuba St. Petone Lower Hutt

Sparring class is on every 2nd Monday AND 4th Saturday of every month. No protective gear = No sparring


Two free trial classes - Attending a couple of classes is a good way to experience krav maga.  It's also an opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  During your trial class we will be observing your behaviour, demeanour and self-control because this will help us decide if you fit in with our group.  There is a lot of trust involved when it comes to krav maga training and we reserve the right to refuse training to anyone whom we believe is unsafe or may pose a risk to our members.  

Our ideal student - We're an inclusive group and we like people who are friendly and respectful of others.  We also like people who train sensibly and follows instructions.  If you're  a complete beginner you don't need to worry.  Everyone has to start somewhere  and you will gain the necessary skills as long as you apply yourself at training.  If you are coming from a different discipline or martial art you also welcome to train with us - The only thing we ask is that you practice what we teach and refrain comparing techniques from your discipline. 

Fitness - You need a level of fitness to be able to participate during class but you don't need to be 'super fit' (fitness will also come through regular training).  Our members come in different size, age, and physical ability and so we don't expect everyone to have the same level of physicality.  At class we do cardio, strength training, and agility drills to improve our fitness and supplement our ability to defend ourselves if needed.  

No term enrolments - Our 10 and 20 class pass is valid for 1 year.  You can attend classes when it suits your schedule and you are not required to attend classes every week.

Protective gear - If you decide to join our classes we encourage that you buy the following protective gear - mouth guard, head gear, boxing gloves, goin guard, and MMA shin guards.  Your gear needs to be durable but there is no need to go 'top-brand' or expensive.  You can  get protective gear online, from your local martial art store, or at any shop that sell sports gear.

Rank testing - You're not required to participate in a rank test or to buy a uniform in order to keep training.   You will still be exposed to a variety of techniques and you'll be able to train with advanced practitioners.  If the idea of attaining a rank interests you then just let us know.  We offer 2 tests per year conducted by an official IKMF instructor (read more about rank testing). There are 3 levels of IKMF ranking are:


  • PRACTITIONER 1 to 5:  Usually beginners (P1-P2) and intermediate practitioners (P3-P5).
  • GRADUATE 1 - 5:  Usually attained by advanced practitioners and instructors. 
  • EXPERT 1 - 5: Usually achieved by specialist practitioners or instructors involved in law enforcement, military, or third party protection.


  • Pre-pay $85 = 10 classes *valid for 1 year 
  • Pre-pay $160 = 20 classes *valid for 1 year

Class fees are non-refundable and can be paid using:


We encourage families to train together so if you have a family who wants to join you in class, your subsequent family member gets a 50% discount. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. The family discount is setup to encourage both of you to attend class together
  2. If one of you attends class and the other does not, the attendance will be marked as if you have both attended.
  3. The main family member is responsible for paying the discounted family fee.        


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