Krav Maga Wellington & Self Defence Training Ltd is affiliated with the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), and is a listed New Zealand company since 2015 (NZBN: 9429042099826).  

Krav Maga Wellington & Self Defence Training Ltd does not own or exert legal control over individual IKMF clubs in New Zealand, but it operates in a cooperative manner with them. 

The purpose of this section is to outline a summary of our rules and to give you information on how we manage your personal information.


ALSO READ: IKMF Health & Safety Document


  • Health & safety is everyone's responsibility
  • Use of excessive force is not allowed during training - Keep yourself and your training partner safe 
  • Train at your own pace and tolerance level
  • Report any unwanted physical contact to the instructor
  • Practice techniques that is being taught by the instructor - Do not practice a different technique as it may cause injury to your training partner
  • All visitors, participants, and students must follow the instructor's instruction at all times
  • Remove all jewelry and piercings before training
  • If you are feeling unwell, please inform the instructor and DO NOT ATTEND CLASS
  • Trim your fingernails, tie your hair back (if long), and cover any open wounds before training
  • No horseplay during training - Focus you attention
  • NO LIVE WEAPONS - Only use the training weapons provided by the instructor
  • Wear the appropriate protective gear at all times
  • Alert the instructor if there is any concern or signs of danger
  • Wipe off any spills from the floor to prevent slips and falls
  • Always know where the first aid kit and emergency equipment is located
  • Help clear the training area if there are  clutter that pose as a hazard


  • Training in other systems or martial arts is allowed, however, make sure that you only practice IKMF Krav Maga techniques when attending our class
  • Be professional - If you disagree with a certain technique, discuss it with the instructor at the end of the class
  • Intentional harm and violence towards others will not be tolerated
  • Be respectful and courteous to everyone
  • Never bad mouth other self-defence systems, martial arts systems, students, and other instructors
  • Make sure that you meet and greet everyone before and after training (including beginners and guests)
  • Encourage and support your training partner and other students
  • Notify the instructor if you need to leave the training area
  • Do not take a break at your own leisure - Rest breaks will taken at appropriate intervals during the training
  • Help with the clean up after each class
  • Students (including friends and families) may not record any videos during class - Photographs may be taken as long as it is permitted by the instructor                                  


  • Keep your appearance tidy and wear the proper training attire (uniform is required for graded students P1 and above)
  • The instructor must wear the IKMF regulation attire
  • Training clothes must be washed after each class for hygiene reasons
  • Tattered and damaged clothing must be replaced to keep a presentable appearance
  • Be considerate towards your training partner, make sure that you have showered or washed up before training - Use deodorants/antiperspirants if necessary
  • Any cuts or bleed sustained during training must be attended to and covered


Inform the instructor about any complaint that you might have. If you have a complaint about the instructor, you may discuss your complaint with the Managing Director (Bianca Wang).                         


  • Due fees must always be paid on time
  • Students who wish to enter a fight or a sparring competition are not allowed to represent the school, the IKMF, or Krav Maga as their technique (ask your instructor for advice before entering a competition)
  • Students may qualify for grading after training for a prescribed amount of time (read FAQ section).  The instructor will inform you if you may undergo grading
  • Those who undergo a formal grading under the IKMF system must accept that a promotion is , "earned, never given" 
  • Students who do not meet a PASS for their level test must respect the tester's decision - You will have another opportunity to grade and you will be supported by your instructor in achieving this


The reason why we collect personal information about you relates to our provision of Krav Maga self-defence training. We will ensure that your information will always be kept private and it will not be shared to any 3rd party. 

We will only collect and manage personal or sensitive information that is reasonable and necessary for us to carry out our main functions, and will only do so in a manner that is compliant with New Zealand law. We will also take reasonable measures to protect any personal information that we collect and store. 


We will routinely take still and video imagery during training for the purposes of improving training, history, and marketing. Photographs, like other personal information, will be handled in accordance with privacy laws. If you do not consent for your image to be used, please advise us and we will ensure that your wishes are met.


We will not use or disclose personal information other than for the primary reason for which it was collected. If there is a requirement to use your personal information for other reasons, we will not do so unless we gain further consent from you. 


We operate in cooperation with other IKMF branches around the world. On occasion, there may be a requirement for us to pass some information about you to one of our international counterparts. An example may be if you are seeking to attend one of their training courses and require IKMF endorsement or validation. We will generally not transfer information about you internationally without your permission or knowledge.


We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your data is stored safely and securely on our computer system.  Our computers use up-to-date anti-virus and firewalls.


Krav Maga Wellington & Self Defence Training - IKMF reserves the right to accept or decline any application to attend an event (e.g. seminars, sessions, and classes). If a person could not attend for medical reasons, or is otherwise unsuitable for undertaking Krav Maga self defence training, a refund will be made in accordance with the conditions stated below.

Refund/Cancellations must be made in writing to Krav Maga Wellington & Self Defence Training (e-mail at

Cancellations made up to 4 weeks prior to the commencement of an event will attract a full refund. Cancellations made up to 2 weeks prior attract a 50% refund. Cancellations made less than 1 week prior to the commencement of an event cannot be refunded due to the finalisation of costs with the host venue. Your place may be transferred to other people, subject to an agreement with Krav Maga Wellington & Self Defence Training.

If, for reasons outside our control, an event is cancelled, payees will be refunded their registration fees in full. Krav Maga Wellington & Self Defence Training is not responsible for costs incurred in travelling to or from the event, including delays or cancellation.